Followers Make the Leader


Jeff Moores illustration: cross country skier followed by a dozen cross-country skiing penguins

One of my favorite professional playmates is the wonderful illustrator Jeff Moores.  The other day he sent me this illustration and asked if I had any words about leadership that might accompany it.  Here’s my reply:

Followers make the leader.  But just what is it we follow?  Certainly not people.  Not if we’re healthy.  What we follow is the presence in another of the spirit of love and adventure we carry in our own heart.  Or aspire to.


For a video version of this essay, click here.



  1. What a fabulous idea, Steve. That certainly takes the ego out of being a leader, in the best possible way! Thank you, as always, for your wise council – leading us in the love and adventure we each carry in our own heart.

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