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The dreams and adversities I’ve been privileged to address––both personal and related to the men and women I serve––have been numerous, diverse, deep, heartbreaking at times, and almost always a source of unspeakable gratitude. Today, surprising as it sounds, I find every situation essentially the same: an opportunity to grow resilience.

Resilience is the ability to respond to whatever life presents with kindness, compassion and understanding. There is no finish line. Our last breath offers the same opportunity as every breath before it.

If our goal is to apply to each circumstance as much life-affirming leverage as we can muster, then our only problem is how to bring the integrated fullness of our mind and heart to here and now.

To do so isn’t a matter of talent, but of awareness. Sooner or later that awareness must include the recognition of how much power each of us harbors, beginning with the power to choose where we place our attention moment by moment––our most defining choice being love or fear.

The power of choice also reveals an inspiring and sobering reality: how we define our world creates our world. This principle most determines the well-being of any individual or institution.

Helping others never lose sight of the big picture, no matter what worldly endeavor the playing field, is the joyful call of my heart.

This is my life story at its core. For a version that conveys a bit of its colorful origins––and attempts to do so in the spirit of the universe as I experience it: playful, loving and deep––start here.

Reasonably soon it won’t seem unusual at all for entire organizations to start every meeting with a couple minutes of silence, to be used in whatever ways colleagues see fit to remind themselves of who they really are.

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