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Your Baby

Every enterprise is somebody’s baby.  Maybe that enterprise is just you.  Maybe it’s you and a gazillion colleagues.  No matter.  You’re the person I serve.  The person who defines reality.  The person who champions a vision.  The person others look to for perspective on making healthy choices.  The person who says, “Welcome.  You’re where you belong.  Enjoy yourself.”

Among the strengths I nurture are these:


  • How to develop honest, useful clarity on who you, and your enterprise, will be or die trying––and how you will learn to live that commitment.
  • How to structure a healthy response to any situation.
  • How to welcome adversity as a sacred teacher.
  • How to live without blame.

And for some, there’s this: How to grow a voice in the world that is as distinct as the benefit your enterprise aspires to deliver.

When we are attached to outcome, we’ve lost our mind: having our well-being be determined by something we cannot control.  What we can control is this:

The extent to which we invest our mind and heart in the pursuit of those brave and lovely practices that help us to become masters of ourselves and servants to everyone else.  It is a path without a finish line, for it allows us to deepen to our last breath our understanding of the big picture we never want to lose sight of.

I would bet that many of the happiest, wisest and exceptionally accomplished people on earth do nothing but attempt to fail better.

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