Year End Treats for the Heart

Five drawings and quotes

Steve Roberts black ink drawing: person wearing crown, finger raised as pistol shooting in one ear with star coming out the other

Be yourself.  Everyone else is taken.

~ Oscar Wilde


Steve Roberts black ink drawing: One head combining three faces, with musical notes coming out of two of them

Instructions for living a life: Pay attention.  Be Astonished.  Tell about it.

~ Mary Oliver


Steve Roberts black ink drawing: Being with an arrow going through their head stepping over a pile of hearts

Surprise, bafflement, fascination, excitement, hilarity, delight: all these and more are a part of the optimistic understanding of error. 

~ Kathryn Schulz, “Being Wrong”


Steve Roberts black ink drawing: being with apple third-eye with star balanced on the stem

Whenever an action I take isn’t an attempt to serve the entire human family for all of eternity, I’m thinking too small.

~ Steve Roberts


Steve Roberts black ink drawing: Oval clock face with no numbers or hands, only a star at 12 o’clock; adorned with feathers and ribbons top and bottom

There is no such hour on the timepiece of fate as “too late”.

~ Sister Gyanamata


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"I honor that we are killing the earth for the same reason I consider being an alcoholic a privilege: it is a doorway to the profound self-understanding required to make truly healthy choices."

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