The Spirit of You

Patch of crazy quilt by fiber artist Allison Aller

Here’s a rewarding way to spend every minute, whether as an individual or an institution.  Be on the lookout for the “spirit of you,” the spirit of who you really are, whenever and however it may appear.  A joke, a song, a photograph, a pizza, the caress of a shirt on your skin, a gracious memo, the way someone rakes the lawn or walks their dog––every smidgen of existence is a potential expression of that distinct vibration of beauty that is you. 

Maybe all there is to creating a healthy life or a healthy enterprise is identifying the spirit of our true self, and doing our best to make choices hand-in-hand with that spirit.  And the more open we are to discovering (or tripping over) that spirit in the world around us, the easier it is to spot when we look within.

…Vermont sunlight in September, Cirque du Soleil’s collaboration with the Beatles, the architecture of Antonio Gaudi, the part of a clam shell that forms a heart with wings, offerings by crazy quilt artist Allison Aller….

My heart smiles, “Hey, that’s me.”


  1. ahhhhhhh, I LOVE this! Alison’s quilt, and your sense that the key to a happy life is finding those ways in which we manifest our true selves … how gracefully and gratefully we walk with our own unique beauty, and how often we can see it reflected around us.

    For me it is…

    Light shimmering on water, the violet hour and the opening notes of an evening songbird, the smell of jasmine or orange blossoms & the taste of ripe black figs, a fire, ice crystals melting over dried leaves, books new or old, my great-great-grandmothers wedding quilt and new tubes of watercolor. The dream of a full-frame DSL and the beaded eagle feather that guards my laptop, the frailty of flowers and the strength of true love.

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