Saying Yes to Everything

Steve Roberts black ink drawing: person with a tall, ornate ear trumpet
We’re always solving the same problem, it seems: how to bring all the love we can to the moment we’re in.  Here’s a story from Jack Kornfield in his book A Path With Heart:

I recently read of a couple who were unable to conceive a child.  They decided to adopt one and sought a child from a poor country, thinking this would be of greater service.  They adopted a beautiful two-month old baby boy from India.  During the first year, it became evident that the child had grave health problems.  First, it was discovered that he was profoundly deaf and would never hear.  Second, he had cerebral palsy that, though it would not affect his intelligence, could cripple the development of his body.  They taught him sign language so they could speak to him, and they got him a small wheelchair when he was old enough to walk so that he might move about.  After this, they created a support network of parents who adopted disabled children.  Because they were afraid their son would be isolated, they did a most astonishing thing.  They wrote to India to ask if they might adopt another child who was also deaf.  Along with this press story was a picture of the two children together, radiant with wide smiles, hugging one another.  Imagine this for yourself.  Imagine adopting a child and learning that he or she was deaf and crippled, and then imagine a response that answers back without self-pity or fear and says, “I have one child like this, now please send me another.”

Obviously, this story is about much more than children or parenting.  It’s about our relationship with life’s most rewarding choice: saying yes to everything.


  1. I just did. I gave up a while ago about writing a book and just this morning I said yes again – listening to “what my soul told me” the title of a recent book by my friend and colleague Richard Barrett. Working title – XLR8YOU!!! A Love Affair. I believe it is my soul’s lesson in this life to learn to love myself in order to be more capable of unconditional love so wonderfully described in your story.

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