Rabbit and the Butcher

Steve Roberts color photo: stone sculpture of short and tall stone beings with snow in the air
From the great designer Milton Glaser, a story that teaches two things we all can use more of: persistence and the ability to ask the right question.

A rabbit goes into a butcher shop and says, “Got any cabbage?”

“Heck no,” says the butcher, “this is a butcher shop.”

Next day, rabbit shows up.  “Got any cabbage?” 

“What are you, deaf?” says the butcher, “No cabbage.”

Next day, rabbit calls from the doorway, “Hey, got any cabbage?”

“No, no, no,” yells the butcher.  “And if you come in here again with the where’s the cabbage, I’m going to nail your ears to the floor.”

Next day, rabbit. 

“You again,” says the butcher.

“Got any nails?” says the rabbit.

“No,” says the butcher. 

“Got any cabbage?” says the rabbit. 

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