Peeing Outdoors and Wealth


Steve Roberts color photo: tipi frame in mountain landscape at dusk

I get to pee outdoors pretty much whenever I wish.  I mention this because, by every measure I can think of besides money, I am one of the wealthiest people on earth.  Watering the countryside has been my preference since growing up on one of New York’s beautiful Finger Lakes, my closest playmate a mile away.  Today I’m blessed to live on a Vermont mountainside with fields and woodlands in every direction, and my professional life only occasionally obliges me to leave the farm.  The point of this story, however, is not my biological idiosyncrasies, you’ll be pleased to know, but rather how the land, the earth mother, is such a conspicuous part of the tremendous wealth that is available to us all, I feel.

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"I honor that we are killing the earth for the same reason I consider being an alcoholic a privilege: it is a doorway to the profound self-understanding required to make truly healthy choices."

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