Isn’t It Great We’re So Immature?

Steve Roberts black ink drawing: kid standing on one leg on unicycle

So a Catholic grammar school is choosing to reject the application of a prospective student because the student’s parents are lesbians.  Boy, it’s a good thing that rule wasn’t around when I attended St. Mike’s.  I’m sure I’ve had queer parents in any number of previous lives.  Heck, I’m sure I’ve been a queer parent myself, probably many times.  Which means, I bet,  so have the school officials who are today telling that kid that Jesus, Mr. Love Your Neighbor, doesn’t embrace the children of homosexuals.

Some say that God's middle name is Irony.

Isn’t it great we’re so immature as a species, with plenty of room for expansion, plenty of lifetimes to learn how alike we all are…how all that matters is love? 

We’d be in deep tapioca if this were as awake as we’re going to get.


  1. Wondered about the same thing when my husband and I recently attended a catholic funeral mass. When communion was about to be shared with the parisioners, we were told that only roman catholics were to partake – but if you wanted a blessing you could come up with your arms crossed across your chest – which metaphorically, well, a big X on your chest covering your heart….need I say more?

    I remember thinking….hmmmm, bet that wasn’t what Jesus had planned…..

    Thank you Steve for sharing 🙂 Peace and Blessings

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