Energy Doesn’t Lie

There are certain Hollywood stars, male and female, who claim to have been unaware that Harvey Weinstein was a sexual predator.  Let’s assume that all of those statements are honestly held.  That they are not colored by any extenuating circumstance, such as the desire to maintain one’s image as a person of integrity who “…surely would have spoken up had I known.”  Even if, in their minds, all are truly as oblivious as a cloistered nun to Weinstein’s predation, I feel that some, maybe many, did know, just not on terms they are consciously aware of.  How is that possible?  The answer is most concisely stated by adage “Energy Doesn’t Lie.”

Most of us, I would bet, have an intuitional sense of some people without even trying.  Beyond the intellectual knowledge of a person is our our energetic experience of them.  The stronger someone’s basic nature, the more distinct the impression we feel.  A kindred soul, say, all the way to that rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth vibe of those who try to manipulate others with fear while wearing a million-dollar smile.

You would think that, for those in the movie biz, the basic nature of Harvey Weinstein, such a dramatic and dominant player, would be easily felt.  Even if one never had any first-person dealings with him.  Energy doesn’t lie.

Just as anyone with such awareness about Trump is not in the slightest surprised by anything he says or does, and thus by the monumental chaos his insanity is causing the world.

Trump’s statements, his promises, his threats add nothing to what many of us knew by intuition long before he entered the national political arena.  Which is that, inside Trump, there’s no one home.  Trump doesn’t have ideas, or opinions, or convictions, or firm principles, or values, or even curiosity, and definitely not kindness.  Trump is nothing but neediness and rage.  All it takes to know this is to open our heart and feel.  Energy doesn’t lie.

One of the gifts of a healthy intuition is compassion, which is what I feel for both Weinstein and Trump, curiously enough.  For instance, I find Trump the equivalent of a 10 year old boy who has been abused in all too easily imagined ways: beatings, cigarette burns, days locked in a closet, never touched in love, never hearing a kind word.  His life, as a result, has been fueled by revenge so consuming that if he were to set the entire planet ablaze (and it seems he’s trying), it wouldn’t be enough.

But many of us have yet to develop enough intuitive sensitivity to the point where we can reliably appreciate another’s being, regardless of anything they say or do.

This immaturity is demonstrated by some of the responses to the men and women who are choosing to kneel during the playing of the national anthem.

Those who argue that their action is disrespectful have yet to feel the energetic motivations of the kneelers.  If they did, they would know that, in general, disrespect is not the kneelers intention at all.

Our unfamiliarity with our intuitive gifts leads us to a very incomplete understanding of others.  With some, we can miss their dysfunction, their sickness, the horror of their interior world.  With others, we can miss their beauty, their dignity, their courage.  Either way, a lack of compassion, and all the harm that comes with it, is almost always the result.

Energy doesn’t lie.


  1. Lisa said:
    Beautiful, Steve. We will never break the us-them in any of our areas of crises, until we start looking beyond the behavior. Not to say the behavior doesn’t need to be addressed. It absolutely does. But that will not shift our course as a species. I think getting back into our bodies, through breath, attention, movement, art, whatever way one chooses – in a conscious, intentional way, is essential to our ability to access our intuition, to sense the energy. That is not a brain function.

  2. LeAnne Rumbel said:
    Steve, thank you for your essay, this morning. I am weeping with….I don’t know what. Sadness, empathy, horror and helplessness this morning, after reading your beautiful essay. I do think you are one of the great mind, body, thought and soul leaders living on this planet of ours today. Your essay hit me right in the solar plexus, and it opened up the well of emotional chaos I’m feeling, with Trump in office, and the wreckage Weinstein caused so many women……thank you, as always. I’ve been coming back to your essays and reading them, as I consider you my light guide out of this chaos we’ve all been plunged into. Much love to you Steve, LeAnne

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