Creating a Vision

Steve Roberts color photo: teepee of poles in mist

Supporting a client to invigorate the vision of a company he heads, I began by offering this two cents:

  • How we define our world creates our world (Danaan Parry).
  • Our god is what we think about all day (Ralph Waldo Emerson).
  • Where any community of people collectively place their attention, moment-by-moment, shapes that community more than any other single factor.
  • The purpose of a vision is to help generate the power that comes from a noble aspiration commonly held.

What are we about?

Are we laying bricks?
Are we putting up a wall?
Are we building a cathedral?

Among the biggest human misconceptions is that our happiness and misery are determined by external circumstances.  Instead, our internal well-being is determined by how we define our world.  This includes how clear we are on what we aspire to be, and what actions each of us must take, beginning now, to move purposefully in that direction.  To this end, a vision is not static, but rather an ever-evolving guide to our choices.

The greatest human power is the power of choice.  A vision helps us make the most important choice any individual or institution ever makes: where we place our attention, our consciousness, right here, right now.

If our vision isn’t useful to us in focusing our largest and smallest decisions, it needs work…or we do.

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