The Stirring of Youth

The movement stirring within our nation’s youth in response to the gun-slinging slaughter of their peers might be the tipping point of a transformation that has been smoldering since we elected the man with no soul.  (At least not one he has access to.)

Should this movement take flight, here may be some of the reasons. Read More

Loving Mud: A Valentine From the Archives

Color photo of stone sculpture silhouetted against a fiery sunset sky: stones balanced creating an iconic native woman wrapped in a blanket.

For those who understand that exploring remote and dangerous places is always an inner as well as an outer journey, Pemako, a region bordering Tibet and India that includes river gorges three times the depth of the Grand Canyon, has been called, for centuries, the supreme of all hidden-lands. Read More

Big Person Pants

Who in their right mind doesn’t have compassion for anyone who finds outrage to be the only expression they have at this time in response to the wreckage of Trump?

And yet, to me, the most harmful part of Trump is not Trump, but the negative feelings we have about him.  The many forms of unmanaged fear.

Getting rid of all things Trump is both important and beside the point.  There will always be the unwell.  Growing our resilience is imperative. Read More

Introducing My Other Website

Every child has known God.

Not the God of names,

Not the God of don’ts,

Not the God who ever does anything weird,

But the god who only knows

Four words.

And He keeps repeating them, saying:

“Come dance with me.”

~ Hafez

This blog is meant for every person who aspires to use all of life––the brutal, the glorious, the just plain nuts––to cultivate a well-honed heart, one increasingly playful, loving and deep.

Imagine us crossing paths every so often and sharing whatever our experiences are teaching us.  This blog is my contribution.  I hope you’ll add yours when it feels right.





Nancy Cathcart: Awe Strikes Again

Sunday, 14 January 2018

A week ago I published “The Beautiful Farewell of Nancy Cathcart.”  Yesterday Nancy died.  In the intervening six days the essay was viewed nearly 4000 times on my website, eliciting uncountable expressions of thankfulness for Nancy.

There’s a sweet irony in the fact that I probably knew Nancy just about the least of all those who honored her with their words. Read More

"I honor that we are killing the earth for the same reason I consider being an alcoholic a privilege: it is a doorway to the profound self-understanding required to make truly healthy choices."

The Essay: Honoring the Killing of the Earth