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Welcome! Let Me Introduce Myself…

No matter what you encounter in any given moment or situation––where do you strive to place your attention?  I serve those who strive to never lose sight of the big picture.

I find the spirit of the universe to be playful, loving, and deep.  You’ll find my attempt to live in that spirit all over this site, in my essays, my drawings, photos of stone sculptures I’ve built, my logo of course, and my web address itself.  You won’t need to scan far to get a feel for whether my two cents can be useful to you.

Should we work together, we will play with those questions that help us humans expand our self-understanding.  The reward is continually improving our ability to respond to whatever life presents with confidence that the action we’re taking is the healthiest action for us in that moment.

Here’s a taste:

  • What principle most determines the well-being of any person or institution?
  • What is the purpose of life, and how does the universe work?
  • How would I know a healthy person, or company, if I saw one?
  • What practices are necessary to cultivate health?
  • What must I remember?

To be sure, there are more questions where these came from  Such as: What’s the world’s most powerful vanity license plate?  The best news is that none of them demands a right answer.  They offer something much more important: an opportunity for you to deepen, to your last breath, your understanding of the big picture you never want to lose sight of.